Eddie Izzard
Credit: Getty Images

Eddie Izzard, meet Hannibal Lecter.

The Valkyrie and The Riches actor is coming to Bryan Fuller’s promising-sounding NBC thriller Hannibal in a guest-star role.

Izzard will play an inmate at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane — yes, the very same facility where Hannibal Lecter is eventually incarcerated. Izzard’s character is claiming to be “the infamous Chesapeake Ripper.”

You’ll recall that Izzard was recently on NBC in another Fuller project, starring as Grandpa Munster in Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane, which aired as a Halloween special last month. Previously announced Hannibal guest stars include Gina Torres, Molly Shannon, Ellen Greene and Chelan Simmons. There’s no premiere date yet for Hannibal, but we’re expecting a midseason release.

Creatively, Hannibal has a shot at being NBC’s strongest new show of the season — if you haven’t read our interview with Fuller about his plans to reinvent Dr. Lecter for NBC, check that out here.