Warning: If you haven’t seen Skyfall yet, there’s a video spoiler ahead!

It wouldn’t be a proper James Bond movie without opening titles packed full of twisting visuals accompanied by a plum tune. The opening sequence designed by Daniel Kleinman for Skyfall, which opened in theaters last Friday to a bonanza at the box office, definitely has visual extravagance to spare, scored to the throaty grit of Adele singing the title song. Check out the opening credits sequence, sans the actual credits, newly out online below. Similar in feel to the complex opening of David Fincher’s U.S. version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Skyfall’s opener starts off with sexy Daniel Craig as Bond plunged into water, his classic suit snug on his body, pulled down by a large hand into a sandy, swirling void. Guns and daggers fall from the sky into an Edward Gorey-esque graveyard, a closeup of Bond’s eye segues into him shooting at shadowy figures. Fiery targets shaped like Bond morph into Chinese dragons, and a totally 1960s throwback black-and-white kaleidoscope sequence features a long-haired naked beauty dancing with her hair flipping around and around into the air.

It’s dark, it’s dramatic, it’s Bond, and how.

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