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Fun fact: James Michael Tyler is “terrible” at Friends trivia. Or so he claims.

Luckily, the actor’s trivia skills didn’t impede him during his task for EW, in which he singled out five of his favorite “Gunther moments” during the course of the series, which came out on Blu-ray this week.

Below, he presents his five favorite moments, in no particular order:

1. The one where Gunther buys Rachel’s cat

(Actual episode: “The One With The Ball”)

In this episode, Rachel found herself in the company of a wildly overpriced pure-bred, hairless Sphinx cat that disgusted everyone — except Gunther, who willingly purchased the beast, thinking it would bring him closer to Rachel. “I would try to put myself in Gunther’s mindset — basically he hates everything except Rachel,” Tyler says of nailing Gunther’s notorious wordless reactions, like the one seen in this scene. “Well, hate is probably too strong of a word, but I don’t think Gunther had a lot of patience for the rest of [the gang].”

2. The one where Gunther wants out

(Actual episode: “The One With Two Parties”)

Caught in the grips of Monica’s boring party, Gunther found a lifeline in Phoebe, who helped orchestrate an escape in this moment from season 2. “I think Gunther said more in [this] episode than the other ones,” says Tyler. “But it was [fun] having Phoebe’s character help Gunther escape and [seeing] that he was very, very, very unhappy — and terrified of Monica. I think Gunther was always kind of frightened of Monica. I think she was the one who truly intimidated him.”

3. The one where Gunther is terrified

(Actual episode: “The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss”)

Winona Ryder guest starred in this season 7 episode as Rachel’s former sorority sister, but behind the scenes, Tyler admits that unlike his character, it wasn’t Jennifer Aniston who caught his eye. “I had kind of a crush on her so it was great to having her come in,” he says. “[But] she was fantastic, and I’ve always appreciated her as an actor.”

4. The one where Gunther relishes in Ross’ pain

(Actual episode: “The One Where Emma Cries”)

“This was David Schwimmer’s idea in the spur of the moment, actually,” Tyler says of this classic coffee house moment where Ross accidentally punches a pole instead of Joey. “The way the camera was set up, I was in the background and originally, I was expressing ‘Oh, what just happened?’ shock. Then David turned to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, you should grin ear-to-ear because you hate me.’ I thought it was brilliant.”

5.The one where Gunther admits the truth

(Actual episode: “The Last One”)

Tyler says it was “bittersweet” closing out Gunther’s ten-year arc on Friends and also says he had much gratitude for the producers and writers for the chance to close out his story properly. “They didn’t have to add that but it was a nice thing for them to do to close out that character,” he says. “It was a really difficult scene for me and Jennifer to shoot because we were both in tears. She would loook at me and burst into tears and I would burst into tears. The makeup and hair people were not very happy with us, but we got through it.”


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