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Michael Eisner was once the crinkly, blue-eyed face of Disney, hosting revamped TV series The Wonderful World of Disney and green-lighting hits such as 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and now the former CEO is ready to make movies again with another studio: Universal Pictures. The upcoming crop of films may include a Garbage Pail Kids reboot. Disney, you’re not the only one moving forward, snagging Lucasfilm!

Eisner, who headed up Disney from 1984 to 2005, inked a multiyear global distribution deal between his privately held Tornante Company and Universal, his rep confirmed to EW on Tuesday.

Few other details have been released, including how many years the deal encompasses, and how many movies it includes, other than the possibility of an animated film based on the creepily cute Garbage Pail Kids trading cards popular in the ’80s (I, for one, loved them then). A source says Eisner just enjoys the business of making movies, is excited to get back to it, and that a “significant amount” of films will be made. The bar is pretty low for a Garbage Pail Kids flick, given a 1987 version that was a total flop.

Tornante, which Eisner founded in 2005 after resigning from Disney to invest and operate companies in media and entertainment, has plunged into new media, including the digi studio Vuguru, which has produced online content such as the web series Prom Queen that premiered on Myspace in 2007, then shifted to CW online.

It’s a huge return for Eisner, then, going back to theatrical releases. What projects, other than Garbage Pail Kids, do you suggest Eisner wrap his expert mitts around?

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