By Erin Strecker
Updated November 13, 2012 at 05:47 PM EST

If only Spider-Man could dance his way out of the The Lizard’s clutches.

Andrew Garfield swung by Ellen — the episode airs today — debuting some new facial hair (Yay? Nay? Undecided?), as well as some new, not-Spidey-affiliated moves (Definitely yay!).

After talking about the planned sequel to Amazing Spider-Man, Garfield got down…to charity work. In support of Worldwide Orphans, Garfield agreed to perform various dance moves. Each correct dance in :45 seconds raised $1000 for WWO.

The best part is that even after the buzzer rang, Garfield kept going: There are still dances to perform and money to raise! And it’s a good thing he can’t be tamed: Without him powering on, we never would have gotten to see his 100% commitment to belly dancing — shirt lifting included.

Girlfriend Emma Stone (whom he pretty much refused to talk about later in the interview. But still! Rather adorably!) has also shown some cool moves on Ellen. Note to Spider-Man producers: a dance-off better be in the sequel.

Watch Garfield show a commanding knowledge of everything from Gangnam Style to Single Ladies below:

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