By Darren Franich
November 13, 2012 at 05:19 PM EST

The script for Anchorman 2 isn’t even finished yet, but that won’t director-cowriter Adam McKay from shamelessly teasing us with ambient plot points from the hotly anticipated comedy sequel. In an exclusive chat with Indiewire, McKay notes that the film was originally developed as a Broadway musical, which means that some songs have already been written for the movie. They will have “whole song sequences,” he promises, and also hints that the musical sequences will “have a little more movement” than the musical numbers in Anchorman 1 and Step Brothers. (Pause to imagine a full-scale Busby Berkeley number, with dancers modeling leisure suits and grody pornstaches.)

McKay doesn’t talk too much about the actual plot, but he does note that the sequel will be “about the rise of the new media and 24 hour news cycle…I mean, what is this 24-hour news, and this wall of white noise information, has it really been good for our country?” (RIDICULOUSLY EARLY AND UNLIKELY THEORY: The original Anchorman took place in 1975 — could the new movie deal with the founding of CNN, which took place in 1980? That could have added resonance for the movie, with Burgundy representing old media/the ’70s and CNN pointing the way to the future/the ’80s.)

The director isn’t shy about the movie’s ambitions, noting his intention of “creating a murderer’s row of the best day players ever. Like having every single one line or three line role just be someone we just love.” He throws out names like Ian Roberts, Rob Huebel, and Paula Killen off the top of his head. That sound you heard was every single comedian in America calling their agents.

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