By Hillary Busis
Updated November 13, 2012 at 02:48 PM EST
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Why aren’t more “one crazy night” movies set on college campuses, where copious alcohol and inexperienced drinkers combine to create a perfect storm of shenanigans? That’s the idea behind 21 and Over, an upcoming movie that follows two buddies (Pitch Perfect‘s Skylar Astin and Project X‘s Miles Teller) on a quest to treat their buttoned-up third friend (Justin Chon — a.k.a. Eric from the Twilight saga) to the best 21st birthday ever.

Along the way, the pals encounter Serbian pong players, a gun, a mass paddling administered by a kinky sorority, and, somehow, a buffalo — just what you’d expect from a script written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the team behind The Hangover and The Change-Up. Oh, and best of all: Dr. Pierre Chang of Lost is in it, too!

The party starts on March 1, when 21 and Over hits theaters. Just be sure to pop a vitamin B complex before heading to the multiplex.

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