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Cindy Childers got to make a cross-country trip to the premiere of the final Twilight movie on the condition that she check in with her family back home in Orlando, Fla., each day – but this isn’t a young teenage fan. In a bit of role-reversal, Childers, 47, promised to call her adult children every day she’s in Los Angeles camping out in anticipation of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s world premiere.

“My daughter’s 24 and calls me everyday. ‘Are you OK?’ ‘Yes, I’m fine!’” Childers told EW, as she stood next to her tent covered in posters bearing the face of Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

Childers has been camping out next to Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live, where the stars of Summit Entertainment’s mega-franchise will walk a black carpet Monday night, since Thursday at 8 a.m. The experience is nothing new to her, though – she staked out a spot overnight for Breaking Dawn – Part 1 last year in L.A. and for two other Pattinson movie premieres in New York.

“I have four adult children that are kind of used to this after two years and some grandchildren that think it’s really funny that I come and do this,” she said. “I was a young mom. I raised my family, so this is my time to go have fun.”

Childers is one of hundreds in a gathering of predominantly female Twilight devotees who have traveled from all over the world in hope of scoring a seat at the world premiere of the final segment of Bella and Edward’s tale – and a spot in the bleachers that will flank the carpet rolled out for the franchise’s stars, including Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Some tents declared country pride, with posters announcing that they had traveled from Canada or Mexico or Brazil to catch a glimpse at their favorite Twilight stars.

This weekend EW checked out the Twilight tent city, as fans and Summit call the mass of tents that stretch alongside Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. On Sunday afternoon it was pretty quiet in tent city; many of the fans being treated to a screening of Summit’s upcoming zombie romance movie Warm Bodies. A small crowd was in line to meet series screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, while others bundled up in blankets, some re-reading Breaking Dawn, some reading what may be the next big thing to capture the attention of teen girls everywhere – one 15-year-old girl was reading dystopian YA book Divergent aloud to her 11-year-old cousin.

It was the calm before the storm of Monday’s main event, but fans told EW about the massive energy that electrified L.A. Live over the past few days, when the Twihards were treated to outdoor screenings of previous Twilight films, a concert headlined by Nikki Reed (who plays vampire Rosalie Hale in the series), a Twilight-themed workout session and appearances by Twilight stars like Peter Facinelli, Boo Boo Stewart and author Stephenie Meyer.

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