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Even though New York is freezing, things are heating up in TV Land.

Okay, to be honest, it’s not that cold today; I just needed something to open the column with. Give me a break, you know how hard it is to come up with random openers every week? Does anyone actually read these two first paragraphs? Bueller? Bueller? Forget it. But don’t forget to send questions:


The collision with Woodbury is coming and Lauren Cohan couldn’t be more excited for fans of The Walking Dead to see it for themselves. “Maggie plays a big part in that,” she teases of the clash. “It’s going to be crazy!”

Crazy — and deadly, as one might expect. “The body count is not done,” she says. “That’s pretty much all I can say, but we’re not just going to see death. There’s going to be a whole host of challenges now that we’ve got the human threat. Woodbury is up to no good. The Governor is up to no good; it’s really scary. We’ve got some scary stuff ahead.”

And with the gang and Rick still reeling from at least two major losses (Carol = RIP?), exactly who will step up as the leader when the two camps finally meet is not entirely clear. The only guarantee? They’re going to have a formidable foe in the Gov. “It’s interesting to see within the prison [group that] people step up and lead even if they don’t want to. In Woodbury, the Governor steps up and takes control because that’s something he couldn’t have gotten away with in the real world. And that has absolutely no limits.”


As if the news I broke earlier today about the Hawaii Five-0 remake episode wasn’t cool enough, buckle in for some more News of the Awesome.

I have it on good authority that later this season we’ll be taking a trip into the past with a Five-0 prequel! “I’m working on a prequel to the pilot, and it’s going to take place literally hours before the pilot happened,” executive producer Peter Lenkov reveals. “That’s going to be a real McGarrett-centric story.”

In related McGarrett family news, there’s a big episode on the horizon for Mama McGarrett (Christine Lahti), in which we get to see exactly where McGarrett learned how to kick butt. “You’re going to see her go a little Jack Bauer on somebody and you’re going to see what she’s really made of,” teases Lenkov. “In a lot of ways, you’re going to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to McGarrett’s skill set. Maybe it’s in his DNA.”


Sorry, George and Lemon fans still holding on to hope that this pair would soon find its way back together. It looks like this ship has sailed indefinitely.

Despite calls for the contrary, Scott Porter reports that Lemon and George are currently on separate paths — him for a steady relationship and her for a sense of identity. “I love the little moments they’ve given Lemon and George, but they’re not going to spend a ton of time together,” he says. “It’s gotta be difficult to spend time with an ex of 15 years.”

But while their romantic feelings has seemingly fizzled to zero, Porter says their friendship is ever-present. “They are two people who first and foremost were friends and will always love each other in a way — even if it’s not in an intimate love each other type of way,” he says. “They’re always going to love each other and ultimately know that if it’s three o’clock in the morning and something happens they can call each other and come running.”

Porter, meanwhile, continues to be flattered for calls for them to rekindle. “I love working with Jamie and I think she and I fought hard to make sure they were a couple you’d fight for,” he says.


Can’t wait till Friday? Check out this SUPER cool sizzle reel from this week’s episode, which you’re checking out first here in Spoiler Room


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I really despise Sage. Please tell me this Queen WannaBee is on her way out and that Serena and Blair do it together! — Tyra

Good news is coming your way sooner than you think regarding Nate’s little SHE-tus. The big question: Will her exit bring Serena and Blair closer together or tear them further apart?

I loved that Vampire Diaries finally let Elena be a badass last week. Please tell me there’s more of that on the way! — Amy V.

I don’t think Elena is the vamp whose actions you’ll be talking about after this week’s episode. And let me tell you, what he or she does is going to ROCK. THIS. FANDOM.

Castle hits the 100 episode milestone this year, any initial plans on how the show will be marking the special occasion? — Cheryl

“I’m noodling on that,” reports executive producer Andrew Marlowe. “You always want [episode] 100 to be compelling. I think we’ve done some really fun stuff and big episodes along the way. Where it falls, since it’s close to the season finale but not the season finale, we have to be cautious that we don’t steal thunder from how we’re intending to end the season.” The solution, he says? Figure it out! “We need to also deliver something interesting, compelling and a memorable hour of TV. So, yeah, the pressure is on!” So send your ideas, gang! Just kidding. Don’t do that. They’ve got this! Meanwhile, make sure you’ve watched this clip from tonight’s episode!

Sandra, I’m probably the minority, but I’m liking Laurel’s chemistry with Tommy much more than I like Laurel and Oliver. Think he’s got a chance to get the girl? — Abbie

This week’s Arrow might leave you with more than one sign that Tommy is still in this fight for the girl and there is one Queen who is not going to like what transpires in this episode (and their first name is not Oliver.) Bonus scoop: Someone we — and Oliver! — thought was gone forever pops up again in this episode. But there’s a twist!

I’m sad at the lack of Garcia and Kevin scoop! Are we going to see a return from him on Criminal Minds? — D.

He’s baaaaaccckkkk. Look for Kevin (Nicholas Brendon) to show in up episode 8 and again in episode 17, per executive producer Erica Messer. “We love Nick, so any time we get to bring him back to play is a good thing,” she says. “And by the end of the year, we’ll see where Kevin and Garcia are.” For more scoop on someone else’s return. Click here.

Any Chicago Fire scoop? This show has seriously grown on me and even more now that I know it’s sticking around for a full season! — Amanda

If you thought Casey’s issues with the dirty cop were the peak of his personal troubles this season, just wait until you see what drama unfolds later when we get a peek into his family life. In an upcoming episode, we’re going to meet Casey’s mom (Kathleen Quinlan) and learn about a tragic incident that resulted in her incarceration. Like how I saved the juicy stuff till last?

I’m with Mandi, I’m totally confused about why Tara is acting so bizarre on Sons of Anarchy. Are we going to get an explanation? — Amy

Not really. Plus, by the end of this week’s episode, Tara is going to have much bigger problems than her questionable mental state. How big? Possibly 6 x 8.

YAY! Thank you for giving us some Emily Owens scoop. I have to say I’m bummed that it’s not doing better. Michael Rady is adorable! — Tessa

If you’re a Micah fan, the Nov. 20 episode is going to be emotionally exhausting as the cutie doc gets less than thrilling news about his mom’s prognosis.

Are we ever going to see a love interest for Ruby? I don’t see her getting together with Hook like some fans want. He belongs with Emma! I do think she deserves someone though! — Dana

Meghan Ory is right there with you in thinking Ruby deserves some lovin’ on Once Upon a Time, but she doesn’t see it happening while past wounds still need healing. “I think love and Red are interesting because he’s been through so much with the loss of Peter, and I think the big question is can she allow herself to love again,” she says. “And if so, who would that be and who would she feel safe loving.” Additionally, Ory’s not sure whether or not we’ve seen that person quite yet. “I think that the writers are very brilliant and come up with incredibly creative things. I would never guess what they might do,” she says.

Blue Bloods scoop would make my day! — Lee

Then maybe I’ll have to give Danny some Blue Bloods scoop, too, because he’s going to need all the cheering up after he’s arrested! Of course, no one in his family believes all the drugs are his…but the evidence is compelling.

Sandra, you’re always there to satisfy my craving for Leverage scoop! Thank you!! And keep it coming! — Brittany

One of my favorite team moments EVER comes at the end of the Christmas episode, airing Dec. 18. It involves a story, Nate, and his son Sam. Bring tissues.

I’d love some Happy Endings scoop! I’m adoring this season. — Gerrie

And I think you’ll adore the upcoming where the gang hits up a wedding expo! Brain teaser: Which pair is going to earn the nickname Tyson (Beckford) and Jonah (Hill)?

(Nuzhat Naoreen contributed to this column.)

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