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Hawaii Five-0 has paid homage to the original series several times in its first few seasons, but the show is about to make what is arguably its biggest nod yet.

EW has learned exclusively that the CBS drama will soon start production on an updated version of “Hookman,” an episode of the original series that was first aired almost four decades ago and won an Emmy in 1974 for Best Music Composition.

Peter Weller (RoboCop) is set direct the episode and guest star as the title villain, taking over the role originally played by double amputee Jay J. Armes.

“It was a stand-out and a fan-favorite,” says executive producer Peter Lenkov of choosing the episode from a batch of many contenders. “It sort of came to everyone’s mind — everyone remembered ‘Hookman.'”

And while Lenkov says the ultimate goal is to “meticulously reboot” the episode as much as possible (a task that comes with the blessing of the original episode’s writers), those who remember the 1973 version of the story will notice a few changes.

For example, in the new version of the episode, McGarrett’s father will share a past with the villain, whereas it was McGarrett himself who had ties to Hookman in the original. There will also be a few tonal changes to accommodate modern Five-0‘s style and pacing, but small adjustments aside, “we’re trying to really bridge the old and the new,” says Lenkov.

This is hardly the first time Hawaii Five-0 has paid tribute to its predecessor. Actors who appeared in the original series have often popped up (Al Harrington, who played Det. Ben Kokua in the original series, is a recurring guest star) and Lenkov takes pride in regularly featuring treats for loyal fans of the franchise. “We do that in our storytelling. Whether it’s overt or subtle — we do it in every episode,” he says.

The episode is currently set to air in early 2013.


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