By Sandra Gonzalez
November 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
Norman Shapiro/CBS

Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 will teach fans a little more about the man behind the badge when a flashback-heavy episode delves deep into Danny’s past as a cop in the New York/New Jersey area.

“It’s basically a look at how I ended up where I am,” explains Scott Caan. “The episode [in present day] is about some terrorists we’re chasing in Hawaii, and then later, you realize why we [are using] flashbacks.”

Terrence Howard plays a part in the flashback portion, playing a bad guy with an upper hand, and suffice it to say his actions have a huge impact on Danny’s future and his life. And while Howard’s character is less than pleasant, Caan says he revels in the opportunity to mix up the dynamics on set. “When you do a TV show, you end up working with the same people over and over, which is great, but it’s also fun to have new people come in and turn out a story that’s about your character and not about a case specifically,” he says. “Any time that they come up with something that’s different from the normal procedural stuff, it’s fun for us.”

As reported earlier, there’s yet another twisty, character-based story coming up at Five-0. Executive producer Peter Lenkov has a pilot prequel in the works that will air much later this season.

Caan, meanwhile, says he prefers taking scripts as they come. “If you spend too much time on figuring out what this episode means for the future, they could throw a wrench in that in two months. So you have to focus — not only show by show — but sometimes scene by scene. You don’t have time to do if you would if it was a movie or a cable show where you know the arc. We have no idea.”

EW has some idea, though. For fresh scoop on some upcoming episodes, click over to Spoiler Room.


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