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We asked the producers and cast of NBC’s Revolution which item that’s made possible by electricity they would miss the most if there was an actual prolonged global blackout like on the hit show.

Cars? Central heating? Perfectly formed processed snack foods? Most said the same item they were holding in their hands during the interview — their cell phone — but a few had different answers.

Ironically, not one member of the show’s team said television!

Actor Giancarlo Esposito: Cell phone

“Years ago I would have said my camera, but now that’s part of my phone too. I have to leave my phone from time to time so I don’t get so dependent on it.”

Executive Producer/Showrunner: Eric Kripke: Internet

“I spend so much time procrastinating online. The good news is [after the blackout] I’d get a lot more writing done. The bad news is I’d probably be murdered within 48 hours.”

Actor Elizabeth Mitchell: Cell phone

“Definitely. It’s how I stay in touch with everybody.”

Executive Producer J.J. Abrams: Computer

“I use it for making music, graphic design and writing. It would break my heart; it’s my all-in-one tool for every creative thing.”

Actor Tracy Spiridakos: Cell phone

“My family lives in Canada and so I rely on my cell phone and talk to them with three calls a day.”

There seems to be a trend forming here. Actors must have their phones while creative types need computers. But wait, there’s one more entry and it breaks the pattern:

Actor Billy Burke: Music player

“I don’t know how I could get along without music” (with Tom Waits #1 on his play list).

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