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This week, Jukebox saw a break-up, a set-up, more than a few pulse-pounding murders, and a musical middle finger at the idea of blending into the crowd. So if you’ve been wondering “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite shows, we’re here to tell you which tunes really resonated. Check out our picks and the full Spotify playlist below. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)


The song: The Swell Season, “Low Rising”

The episode: “The Autumn of Break-Ups” (805)

The hook: Building slowly and steadily, Glen Hansard’s lush track played underneath a scene when Victoria (Ashley Williams) dumped Ted (Josh Radnor). By the time the orchestration surged to a full crescendo, it conveyed the importance of Ted’s decision to remain loyal to his family — namely, Robin (Cobie Smulders). (Bonus: Another shout-out to Band of Horses’ “The Funeral” that we dug during the season premiere.)


The song: Wake Owl, “Gold”

The episode: “Beautiful Doom” (905)

The hook: It may have been too much tequila and the death of her mentor — itself a gripping musical moment set to ON AN ON’s “Ghosts ” — that prompted Cristina (Sandra Oh) to show up unexpectedly on Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) doorstep, but that didn’t make their moment of reconnection any less authentic. After a long separation, brought on by both physical and emotional distance, the two friends finally laughed and hugged again. Laced with the sumptuous strum of this song about lives turned upside down, it was pitch-perfect poignant.


The episode: “Andare Pescare” (509)

The hook: Alliances were unsteadily reforming and unceremoniously falling apart this Tuesday. While Gemma (Katey Sagal) tried to regain the trust of Clay (Ron Perlman), Jax (Charlie Hunnam) officially lost his in Juice (Theo Rossi). Jax ended the episode tailed Juice, possibly foreshadowing the demise of SAMCRO’s newly outed rat. Playing underneath both scenes was this solemn tune with a haunting refrain (“Tell me who you think you are”) by Sonsde facto house band.


The song: Muse, “Madness”

The episode: “Pick and Roll” (1306)

The hook: Things went bump in the lab after a college basketball coach was bludgeoned to death on Wednesday. Autoerotique’s “EKG” thumped along nicely during one testing scene, but it was the Brit rockers’ electro-infused track that provided an appropriately sterile tone as Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) and Hodges (Wallace Langham) tried to recreate blood-spatter patterns (with ink, of course) on a series of basketballs. Oh yes, there is method to this “Madness.”

GLEE (Fox)

The song: “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” originally by Pink

The episode: “The Role You Were Born To Play” (405)

The hook: Nothing screams “Conform, all ye who enter!” quite like a high school musical audition. In a subversive — and ultimately successful — vie for their dream roles, Rizzo hopeful Unique (Alex Newell) and Sandy wannabe Marley (Melissa Benoist) tried out for Grease with this singing-and-dancing “screw you” to naysayers (we’re lookin’ at you, Sue Sylvester).


The song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Tick”

The episode: “The Killer” (405)

The hook: When vampire hunter Connor (Todd Williams) set a trap for Mystic Falls’ bloodsuckers, this pure-adrenaline thrasher from the Brooklyn trio was an especially nice touch considering Connor’s weapon of choice was a series of homemade bombs. (Bonus: Jukebox favorite “The Light”by The Album Leaf played at the end of the episode. You can’t not be bowled over by that song.)


The song: Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus”

The episode: “Illusion” (206)

The hook: Just before Jack (Nick Wechsler) proposed to Fauxmanda (Margarita Levieva) on Sunday, the Stevenson Ranch Davidians’ “Cosmic Blues” provided a sweet set-up for a sweet moment — destined to fail, of course, but still sweet! But the real set-up this week — as Emily (Emily VanCamp) planted Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) cufflinks on the frozen corpse of the white-haired man (James Morrison) — was underpinned by Massive Attack’s 2011 track including the whisper-sung warning of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval: “The devil makes us sin, but we like it when we’re spinning in his grip.”


The song: Stepdad, “Warrior (Jungles Part II)”

The episode: “Portrait of a Lady Alexander” (604)

The hook: As beleaguered couch surfer Dan (Penn Badgley) sought refuge in Blair’s (Leighton Meester) apartment, the lyrics “you must raise your head with dignity toward all” was a fitting bit of advice for both of them. Might there yet be hope for Dair fans? Or was Dan’s decision to ensconce himself Chez Waldorf a mercenary move to facilitate digging up more dirt for his hack-ish UES exposé? I’ll never tell….


The song: Django Django, “Default”

The episode: “The Art of War” (406)

The hook: As Jukebox has noted before, every man needs a swagger song. Unfortunately for listeners, as Nick (Marc Warren) made his entrance at the top of Sunday’s ep, this kicky tune from the Scottish psychedelic quartet was cut short as he began his viewer-repellant jawing.


The song: Metric, “Gold Guns Girls (Acoustic)”

The episode: “True Believer” (303)

The hook: “I remember when we we’re gambling to win,” sings Emily Haines on the Canadian indie rockers’ 2009 track. A spot-on musical choice for the high-stakes gambit thrown down weekly by Nikita (Maggie Q). But, in at least one case, it paid off when Agent Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean) assured Nikita she’d brought disillusioned agent Mia (Scottie Thompson) back to good guys’ side and made the former traitor’s eventual death heroic instead of tragic.


The song: Meg Myers, “CURBSTOMP”

The episode: “The Lady in the Lake” (906)

The hook: Backed by the same team that put Katy Perry on the pop culture map, Myers sure knows how to offer up a siren song. For an episode hinging on an aquatic murder mystery, that’s music to Jukebox’s ears .


The episode: “Saturn Returns” (105)

The hook: Thursday’s ep was bookended by two great songs, including St Leonards’ “Best Part of Me” at the tail end. But it was the amped-up track by British trip-hop collective UNKLE that stayed in our ears. Who could resist when Vincent (Jay Ryan) decided the prescription to his insomnia was a shirtless workout? Not Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), and certainly not Jukebox!


The song: T. Rex, “20th Century Boy”

The episode: “The Method in the Madness” (805)

The hook: Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) Elaine-Benes-bad spasmsdance moves aside, we were more than happy to celebrate Sweets’ (John Francis Daley) freedom by getting down to this 1973 stomper. And with that, we send you into the weekend, Jukeboxers. Go get ’em!

*Readers’ Choice! Thanks to @Popgoestheworld, @damagedself, and @pcparent for their suggestions!

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