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Updated August 04, 2017 at 04:46 PM EDT
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Hate on Anne Hathaway all you want, but Lorne Michaels must see something in her. After all, she’s been asked to host SNL three times in the past four years — and in each of her previous outings, she’s proven herself to be a solid supporting player who’s got a special knack for impressions. (Check out her spot-on Julie Andrews and Judy Garland imitations for proof.)

Personally, I don’t get why so many people seem to despise Hathaway. She’s got good comic timing, she always sounds pretty smart in interviews, and while her Oscars hosting stint was sort of a disaster, I blame smug, too-cool-for-school James Franco much more than I blame eager theater kid Hathaway. Honestly, the only thing that might drag down tonight’s episode is an abundance of musical sketches; between Seth MacFarlane, Christina Applegate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bruno Mars, this season has been a little too heavy on the song and dance. A full-scale Les Mis parody could be amazing, but I’m hoping that we don’t see any more sketches stuffed with snippets of popular tunes. Especially since rights issues always prevent those sketches from being posted online.

What am I hoping for? A cold open featuring Jay Pharoah’s victorious Obama and Jason Sudeikis’s short-circuiting Romney, particularly because this could be one of the latter’s last appearances on SNL. A Dark Knight Rises send-up, which would give Bill Hader or Taran Killam the opportunity to debut a killer Bane impression. An off-the-wall sketch that comes out of left field and eventually becomes a classic, like “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” or the first-ever Lawrence Welk Show bit — both of which premiered on previous Anne Hathaway episodes. And I’m also crossing my fingers that Andy Samberg will drop by for a cameo — because what’s the point of having Rihanna on as a musical guest if there’s no Shy Ronnie short?

What’s on your wish list for tonight? Discuss below, and feel free to talk about the show as it airs as well — we’ll have a full recap ready for you in the a.m. And just for fun, here are a few Saturday Night Live extras released online earlier this week: a cut Obama sketch and a short in which Killam gives SNL swag to the chilly folks waiting in the show’s standby ticket line.

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