By Erin Strecker
November 09, 2012 at 09:16 PM EST

Turns out, we won’t be hearing any confessions of a (twenty-something) drama queen.

For those that were planning a glorious week of watching Barbara Walters’ interview with Lindsay Lohan and the premiere of Liz & Dick, apologies. You’ll have to make do with just the TV movie. According to Deadline, Lohan has cancelled on the planned sit down with 20/20 doyenne Walters.

The change likely has to do with Lohan’s change in publicity representation. Her publicist of the last two years recently quit, and it seems her new team is making some changes. (EW reached out to her new publicist, but did not hear back.)

The cancellation is probably for the best. While Lohan would like the chance to talk about her work as Elizabeth Taylor, she’s had a couple of flare ups on the legal front recently (lying to the cops regarding an earlier car incident) that Walters — and viewers — wouldn’t be able to ignore. We all remember how that went for Britney Spears and Matt Lauer in 2006; the interview likely wouldn’t be good for Lohan’s long-term public image.

For now, it’ll be interesting to see if she does any publicity at all for the movie. I could see her succeeding with a quick, silly late night appearance on something like Jimmy Fallon — a demographic where many still have a soft spot for her. She could show up, play some kind of game with the audience (maybe have fans compete against her in her own movie trivia? Remind people of when they liked her?) make a self-deprecating joke and peace out. That seems a more winnable strategy than a hard Q&A at this point.

A rep for 20/20 did not return a request for comment.

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