By Josh Stillman
November 09, 2012 at 09:35 PM EST
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Before Ben Gibbard was hawking his songs to Twilight and courting adorkable A-listers, he was recording songs on an 8-track in his bedroom, just like you and me!

Gibbard’s band Death Cab for Cutie is receiving the box-set treatment just in time for the holiday season. But don’t think that you’ll be getting your hands on those pesky, platinum-selling Atlantic records – the limited-edition vinyl set only includes albums and EPs they produced for the Seattle-based indie label Barsuk Records.

That’s a six-year span running from Gibbard’s solo 1997 lo-fi cassette release You Can Play These Songs with Chords to 2003’s breakout Transatlanticism, which vaulted them into the popular consciousness.

The success of Transatlanticism landed them a deal with Atlantic, and they have gone on to multiplatinum album sales and several Grammy nominations (though not, as yet, any wins). But never mind any of that — this set’s for the “early years” purists. According to A+R’s website, the records are packaged with their original album art and are signed by the band. That, plus the fact that they’re only selling 1,500 copies, should be enough to make you shell out $225 this Christmas.

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