It began all the way back in 1989, with a man jumping on a diving board that breaks in half, depositing him unceremoniously into a pool. Since then, America’s Funniest Home Videos has left no wacky clip unspooled: Take the woman who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident. Or the kid who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident. Or the dog who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident…

Indeed, over the last 23 seasons of the original viral video machine, we’ve seen it all: more than 26,000 clips of high jinks, from great ones to groaners, from countless skiing wipeouts, wedding pass-outs and doggie freak-outs to three different incidents of nuns falling over. This Sunday at 7 p.m., the ABC show celebrates a big milestone with its 500th episode, complete with a presentation of the Golden Cup Award, in honor of the millionth groin hit (that figure may be only slightly exaggerated). To mark the occasion in our own special way, we asked AFV’s writers — Todd Thicke, Mike Palleschi, Jordan Schatz, and Erik Lohla — to scour their brains and video databases to assemble a list of their ten favorite clips of all time. These are the videos that still tickle them silly after a thousand viewings (that figure may be a little low). And because America, America, this is you, we’ve also included a bonus montage from the 50oth episode of people losing all sorts of battles with windows and doors. Raise your cups (of the athletic kind) to AFV and press play.

10. Pinata Sprinkler System

“The one girl who screams in front of the camera — she couldn’t have been directed better… We get a lot of great pinata clips, but that one is singular in the scope of the disaster of how it goes wrong. It’s a very unique take on something we see a lot of.”

9. Ramp Champ

“His goal was to go flying over the ramp into the water. And he does. He just doesn’t do it with his bike… And whenever the friend yells ‘Yes!!!’ instead of ‘Are you okay???’, those are our people.”

8. Boogie Woogie Booger Boy

“If the mom didn’t zoom in, then it’s just a gross clip, but it’s all about that girl’s reaction. That’s how everyone feels when they see snot. She’s your way in.”

7. Oh Long Johnson

“We had to have a talking animal in our Top 10. And he just had a life of its own. He has his own web site, he has t-shirts, he has a Wikipedia page, he’s on South Park. He’s the Fonzie of our show. He’s a breakout star.”

6. Pinching Pinscher

“That has so many elements. Lasers. A crotch hit. And a dog. And the fact that the dog’s ears were taped.”

5. Scarlett Bozo

“He was in [the segment] ‘Great Moments in Bad Ideas’. And the tagline was: ‘This physique. That track suit.’ That sums it up best.”

4. Oh, Tony Jones

“She knows he’s screwed up a thousand times before — this is just another one — and she loves him just the same… It seems like they’re a solid couple, actually.”

3. You Too, Love!

“She held onto the railing tighter as it was pulling her down.”

2. Jazz Hands

“I like a grown man reaching into his inner little girl and letting her out for a scream.”

1. Halloween Porch Punch

“You scare someone on Halloween, you get what you deserve.”

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