Credit: Jesse Cowell/My Damn Channel

Image credit: Lucasfilm[/caption]

The debates began about three nanoseconds after the announcement was made that there would be a third trilogy of Star Wars films hitting screens beginning in 2015. What should the new films be like? Who should direct? When should they take place? Which characters should be included? And should those characters — like Han, Luke, and Leia — be played by the original actors or recast? Should the new films incorporate some of the more popular people from the expanded universe of Star Wars books and video games, like, say, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade?

See, a lot of questions. And those don’t even begin to scratch the surface. So we pose the most important question of all to you, dear Star Wars fans: What do you want — and not want to see in the new Star Wars films? Tell us everything — and everyone — you want included and/or excluded. Use the message boards to reveal your master plan for making the perfect Episode VII. We expect the results to be impressive. Most impressive.

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