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Girl Meets World is coming, whether you like it or not… though based on the enormous reaction to our first post about the series, I’m guessing you do. Disney has sent out the first casting breakdown for their highly-anticipated Boy Meets World sequel series — and while it’s short, it contains enough plot info to really whet your appetite for the spinoff.

The breakdown gives descriptions for two of Girl‘s main characters: Riley Matthews, 13-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga, and Maya Nolastname, her Shawn-esque BFF. Among other things, these blurbs reveal that the Matthewses also have a 14-year-old son named Elliot, that Maya’s going to be “dark and edgy,” whatever that means on a Disney Channel sitcom, and that Cory is apparently working as a history teacher at Maya’s middle school. Look who’s following in the footsteps of Fee-hee-heeeeenay!

A not-so-important note: Girl Meets World must be fudging its numbers a little, unless the show premieres in 2014. The original Boy Meets World ended in 2000; it’d therefore be a little difficult for Cory and Topanga to have a 14-year-old kid now. Then again, the two of them did manage to get through high school in just two years, so anything’s possible. Here’s the full breakdown:

But what of Shawn, and Angela, and Plays-With-Squirrels Weird Uncle Eric, and dear old Feeny himself? (I hear he’s living in Minnesota now.) We won’t know until more details surface — but rest assured, we’ll tell you the moment we find out anything new.

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