Election, schmelection! History was really made on Nov. 6 when Beyoncé revealed that she had joined Instagram. The countdown to the moment Bey decisively conquers the Internet draws ever closer to zero, people. Of course, in order to achieve true virtual domination, Sasha Fierce’s alter ego might have to send more than four tweets… but hey, one thing at a time.

Ann Romney’s favorite musician launched her brand-new Instagram account with a self portrait that proudly displays her preferred presidential candidate, her Texan pride, and her blunt bangs. (The lady can also seriously pull off a pair of Hipster Disney Princess glasses.) Shortly after networks announced the president had won re-election, the outspoken Obama supporter followed her first photo with one of a piece of notebook paper bearing a simple, all-caps message written in blue Sharpie: “TAKE THAT MITCHES.” Looks like somebody’s lobbying to sing at another inauguration.

Don’t have an Instagram account? Don’t put your hands up in frustration — you can still step into the Bey Hive via Beyoncé’s official website, her Facebook page, her little-used Twitter account, and her Tumblr. Up next: Pinterest? LinkedIn? DeviantArt?! The sky’s the limit!

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