By Tara Fowler
Updated November 06, 2012 at 08:47 PM EST
Chris Christie
Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It’s true: music really does bring people together. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is renowned for his forcefulness, but he’s clearly a big softie at heart: the politician burst into tears last week after getting a hug from his icon (and ardent Obama supporter), Bruce Springsteen.

The governor has come into national prominence this past week after N.J. was battered by Hurricane Sandy, leaving thousands homeless and millions more without power. As of Tuesday, the state’s transit system remained in tatters and gas lines still stretched back twenty cars on the Garden State Parkway. Christie took it all in stride, forcing the utility companies to speed up the process of restoration and ordering teachers to go back to work on the days they were entitled to have off.

But even a big guy needs a little love sometimes, so when the Boss bestowed Christie with a hug at last week’s Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, the stoic governor actually sobbed. That may seem like an overreaction to most of you, but then you don’t know Christie. You see, he’s a huge Springsteen fan. Christie has allegedly seen Springsteen in concert 130 times, continuing to attend even though the Boss “studiously ignores Christie at shows.” However, Christie’s post-Sandy actions have slowly but surely melted the Boss’s E Street heart. “Bruce and I had an opportunity to chat for a while Friday night,” the governor said at a news briefing on Monday. “We hugged and he told me, ‘it’s official, we’re friends.'” All together now: Awww.

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