Still trying to make up your mind between Obama and Romney? What are you waiting for, undecided voters?

Over the weekend, a couple more celebrities came out of the (Holly)woodwork to make their case to you on the eve of tomorrow’s election.

First up, Will Ferrell, who donned a Ron Burgundy-esque retro suit while he explained that he would do anything — draw you a tattoo, dance, eat garbage — if you vote for Obama.

What are you waiting for? It’s a slam dunk:

Prefer your celebrity endorsement without the pizzazz? Amy Poehler has got you covered. Like Leslie Knope, it seems she too has a bit of a crush on the Obama/Biden ticket. While filming a segment for her Smart Girls show, Poehler talks about the importance of educating yourself on the issues, no matter your age, and then at the end, snuck in a quick Obama plug: “If you can vote, go vote for Obama.”

Unfortunately, Romney did not get any celebrity endorsement videos over the weekend — although David Mamet did write an article in support of him.

But Mamet is no Knope.

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