Credit: Media House

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but, according to the trailer for the new horror film Silent Night, it’s also the time of the year when you are most likely to get electrocuted, axed, or burned to a crisp by an industrious, flamethrower-wielding Father Christmas. “We’re just going to have to take this maniac down ourselves!” declares Malcolm McDowell towards the end of the clip, which only seems fair, given that he’s actually playing a cop (was the A Clockwork Orange star hoping the Salvation Army might blast the guy to smithereens first?).

This loose remake of 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night yo-ho-argggh!’s its way into select cinemas on November 30 — and is available on DVD and Blu-ray from December 4 — but you can check out the trailer below.

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