Mumford & Sons’ new music video for their latest U.K. single “Lover of the Light” (the track has not been confirmed as an official U.S. single yet, as “I Will Wait” is still thriving) hit the web over the weekend, and it has faithful Mumford fans wiping their eyes… and scratching their heads.

The cinematic clip, which stars and was co-directed by U.K. actor Idris Elba (Luther), follows a blind man’s journey out of his home (where he appears to be grieving the loss of a lover) and out into the forest. As he runs through the woods, his confidence surges — and a sort of joy blossoms on his face — until he arrives at a cliff side and yells his heart out to the ocean. He’s alive! In a world of darkness, he loves the light.

Elba’s journey through the wilderness is inter-spliced with images of a swift antlered deer, though it’s somewhat unclear whether he’s chasing the deer, imagining the deer, or if the nimble deer is simply an evocative representation of the man’s sensory aptitude.

What does it all add up to? Honestly, I don’t know — and that’s after watching the video three times — but I don’t mind that. It’s a gorgeous piece with lovely cinematography set to one of Babel‘s best tracks. Give it a watch below:

Tell me readers: what’s your explanation?

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