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Thank goodness! Ted Mosby is NOT an idiot!

I was honestly fearing the worst after Victoria gave Ted the “it’s me or her” ultimatum after he proposed (yes, proposed!) in tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. But in the end, Ted put his “family” (Robin) first.

As I said, that wasn’t what I was expecting, though. In fact, after he proposed (which came about after he learned about Victoria’s desire for a deeper commitment) and one of the first things out of Victoria’s mouth was this ultimatum (“me or Robin”), I spent much of the rest of the episode annoyed because I thought Ted would make the wrong decision. In a surprising move, however, Ted realized that any woman who would make him cut a member of his “family” could not be The One. Instead, he broke it off with Victoria — after, of course, some advice from Lily and Marshall’s Southern inner goddess. (Don’t ask.)

Meanwhile, Barney got a new wingmandog named Brover, who was brave, stylish, and just what the Barnacle needed to heal his broken heart. But when Barney learned that he’d have to give Brover back to his real owner, Barney was crushed — like, jump-off-a-building crushed. Don’t worry, Robin was there to retrieve him from the ledge (as she usually is). And knowing Barney’s issue was much deeper than doggie grief, she even walked with him to return Brover to his owner.

Once there, they had a small heart-to-heart, and just when I thought we were in for a poignant moment between the two, Barney let his lil Barney speak louder than his heart. (Brover’s owner was very much Barney’s type.) It didn’t seem to bother Robin — even though I wish it had a little. But that’s really the thing that makes Robin so special: She’s a friend, she’s a bro, and when you need her to be, she’s a little bit of both.

Sorry, Victoria, that’s a girl worth keeping around.

Burning Questions to get this discussion started: + Does it seem like it’s been a long, long time since you’ve enjoyed having Victoria around? I thought about that today when I realized I hated her just as much as I once hated Emily from Friends. How did that sneak up on me? I once wanted you for Ted, V! Now I can’t remember why. + Did anyone strangely want to watch more of Nick’s cooking show? + Did you like Brover more before they made him a babydaddy? + And how do you think Robin is going to react when she finds out what Ted did for her? Sound off!


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