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It is trying times for some here on the east coast, but as many have said much more eloquently this week, we soldier on.

Here’s some scoop. I hope it makes you smile no matter where you live.


Castle is doing its first Christmas episode! And while I was chatting with executive producer Andrew Marlowe about Castle’s slate of November episodes, I made sure to ask him about this hotly anticipated hour, which will be the show’s last new episode of 2012 (aka: midseason finale).

Per the boss, the “charming and heartfelt” episode will chronicle Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas as a couple. “We’ll see the pressures of that and what each of their personal traditions are and how those might clash — and complement each other,” says Marlowe. Meanwhile, fans to see Christmas through the eyes of lots of our precinct faves. “[We’ll see] what Esposito is doing for Christmas, what Lainey is doing for Christmas — and what they may or may not be doing together, and Ryan is having a little Christmas crisis of his own,” he says.

There’s also a Santa falling from the sky (Marlowe jokes that we should not to watch with Santa-loving children “unless you want to have to explain some stuff”) and a gift exchange to remember. Oh, and those of you claiming it’s time for the Ryan family to expand? “We certainly plant some seeds about that in the Christmas episode,” he teases.


You learned earlier today that Michelle Trachtenberg is going to go crazy on Criminal Minds! (You’re welcome.) But what I’m sure especially caught your eye was the tidbit where I told you that the episode would delve deep into Reid’s mystery woman. An additional nugget? It’s one of TWO upcoming episodes that will introduce us to this yet-unseen woman a bit more. (The identity of the actress is still a technical secret, but I can tell you that I have seen correct guesses.)

Executive producer Erica Messer tells me that episode 10 and 12 — the latter has Trachtenberg — will both inform audiences about who this woman is and show us a bit more of her unique relationship with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). (Also, she will be unmasked!) “Episodes 10 and 12 are the really big ones for [audiences] to see this character who we all know and love actually feel emotion for another person in a way that is not typical of him,” she says. “I think what we’ve all promised you guys is that it’s not going to be a typical love story or anything we’ve seen on this show. And I think Matthew would argue that you haven’t seen a story like this at all.”

In both episodes, she adds, the show will follow up in the information audiences learned in episode 4 — that the mysterious character is “running from someone and something.” And naturally, Messer teases, “her journey collides with the team.”


Guys, I just can’t with AHS. I mean, I can. I do. I watch. I love. But last week almost made me sick.

Luckily, there’s a little less gross-out in the next two episodes and a lot of developments. (Mind you, there are still some gross-out moments.) For a taste of what’s to come: Who’s up for a game?

+ This week, [character] will [spoiler] with [character] in the kitchen.

+ Did we know that [character] knows about [character]’s evil deeds? I don’t think we did…

+ [Character] is going to try to [spoiler] [character]!! [Her or she] might succeed…

+ Two patients will be outside Briarcliff’s walls sooner than we think. But there’s a twist…

+ As EW told you first, this week, you’ll be introduced to a character named Anne Frank (Franka Potente). (Don’t scoff, watch.) Along with making crazy accusations about [character], she’ll have [character] questioning [his or her] sanity.

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I think I’m getting spoiled. Any time I don’t see Sons of Anarchy here, it feels like a big mistake! Where’s the scoop? — Linden

It’s inside these two counter-questions: Why is Gemma breaking into a mausoleum in next week’s episode? And whose name are you going to be screaming at the TV by the end of the hour? Also, Sons fans, make sure you’ve read this.

THANK you for the Huntress pic. It made me all the more eager to see Laurel turn into the Black Canary. Any update on that? — Patrick

For the time being, we’ll continue seeing “glimpses” of Laurel’s badass side, according to EP Andrew Kreisberg. Those teases, he says, are the fun of the audience knowing her ultimate destiny. “There will be more stuff coming up where you see glimpses of her as the hero and — especially as her relationship with the arrow deepens — her seeing the benefits of working outside the law,” he says. More immediately, look for Laurel to have a night out on the town — and she’s not exactly happy about it! “There is a fun double-date with Oliver, the Huntress, Laurel and Tommy,” says Kreisberg. “For the Birds of Prey fans out there — you do get to see a Laurel and Helena not entirely enjoy having dinner with each other.”

Thanks for staying on top of Arrow, Sandra! Now you need to tell me: Deadshot isn’t dead, right? — Lillian

Per Kreisberg: “I didn’t see him put in a bodybag. So…”

It’s been WAY too long without some How I Met Your Mother scoop. Please help, Sandra! I’ve had a bad week on the east coast. — Ann

I will say this as an east coast HIMYM fan, at least we didn’t miss out on any new episodes last week. Whew! But here’s something for you to chew on: Something’s going to happen in December that will have many of us reacting like this. That’s a Borrower-sized hint, I know. But there’s more soon; I promise. Meanwhile, any guesses?

Any news on the Leverage renewal? And thanks for all the great spoilers each week. All my best — TVDIVA

No word yet. (Hurry up, TNT!) But I can tell you that the first episode back from break (airing Nov. 27) is a doozy about the team taking on an evil box store in its usual stick-it-to-the-man type of way. This particular case, however, hits very close to home for Eliot (Christian Kane), who is so moved by the events that occur that he’ll reach out to someone from his past with possibly devastating results.

I personally have no issue with Sweets on Bones. I don’t get the big fuss. That said, I’ve love some Booth AND/OR Bones scoop. — Kelly

The Nov. 12 episode has three of my favorite things: Good writing, *crying Bones, and Booth in dress blues. (*I don’t necessarily enjoy seeing Bones cry, but c’mon, Emily Deschanel is a master of tears!) Strange bonus scoop: Bones does a lot of ass slapping.

I heard some Rizzoli & Isles screeners went out! (I follow too many of you people on Twitter.) Can I get some scoop? — Emily

The return of R&I is well worth the wait as the pair take on a very interesting case involving a man who was poisoned — and died in front of Mrs. Rizzoli! Meanwhile, one of the girls has a shower scene — with a twist — and we get to meet Vince’s ex-wife.

Parks and Recreation! — Sara

EMERGENCY IN PAWNEE!! Don’t worry, it’s just a drill. But you can bet that when someone from Indiana’s Department of Emergency Preparedness comes to Pawnee in an upcoming episode, Leslie takes it VERY seriously.. Meanwhile, if you could think of ONE person who would be the LEAST qualified person to fill in for Joan on her show, who would that be? If you said Ron, you win bacon and an amazing episode.

I’m LOVING Last Resort. Any scoop on what the SEALs are up to? — K.H.

I’ll tell you what one is up to…visiting EW! Andre Braugher, who plays Capt. Marcus Chaplin, will be stopping by on tomorrow to answer your spoiler questions for an upcoming Spoiler Room video. Send all your burning scoop qs to Subject line: Andre F—ing Braugher! Just kidding about that last part. Or not?

Hey, Sandra! The Middle is hilarious this year. Can you give a little love to the Heck fans? — Sue (it’s a coincidence…)

In an upcoming episode, Axl and you Sue will find themselves spending more time together than ever before after not only do they end up in the same class but having to do a project together! Meanwhile, another Heck is heading to therapy.

Not gonna lie, as a Deeks/Kensi fan, that Eric/Nell spoiler left me disappointed, like bitterly disappointed. Anything Densi to ease the pain? – Amy

Nov. 20 will! In this episode Deeks will go undercover as a surfer and exec producer Shane Brennan promises an hour filled with great moments. “We gave some fun moments with [Eric Christian Olsen] out on the water, and later in the episode, we see Kensi out there as well,” he says. “There are some very funny moments in it, and there’s a great bar room brawl. For people who love Kensi and Deeks, they’re going to love the episode.”

Sandra! It was so great seeing Hawaii Five-0 get some love last week. Can you ask someone if we’ll ever see Scott’s dad (James Caan) on the show again? — Rebecca

Great minds, Rebecca! I brought this up while chatting with Scott Caan about next week’s Danny-heavy episode, but sadly, he doesn’t see it happening. “I really wanted to, but scheduling and trying to make a deal got complicated,” he says. But speaking of family…

More Hawaii 5-0, please! — Jen

Danny has some family stopping by! The show is currently looking for a Jersey Shore-type lad to cast as Danny’s nephew, who comes to visit his dear ol’ uncle from the east coast after getting into various forms of trouble. If there’s one guy who can straighten this kid out, I’m thinking it’s Danno.

Parenthood needs to come back now, please. And if the world insists on making me wait, you can help with some scoop! — Rachel

You know who’s still got a way with the males? Kristina! While out for an evening with Adam, Mrs. Braverman finds herself attracting the eye of a good-looking gentleman while separated from her hubby! Not to worry, though — this isn’t another wandering eye storyline. Considering Kristina’s current cancer battle, expect this encounter to pack a different punch.


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