By Darren Franich
November 05, 2012 at 06:31 PM EST

Graphic novelist-turned-cranky mystic Alan Moore has recorded a song for the British arm of the Occupy movement, just in time for Guy Fawkes Day, a British holiday celebrated by dashing young political activists and also people who saw V for Vendetta. The song is called “The Decline of English Murder,” and unfolds various tales of sordid life across our cruel modern world. A woman sorts her hair out in the washroom at Preston Services; a man walks to the post office; psychopaths kill with hammer or brick.

Fans of Moore’s recent comic book output will be sad to learn that the song features no throwaway references to mid-century British arcana, but the video — which features footage of the Occupy movement — makes a passionate plea for remembering the little people swallowed up by the cruelty of fatcats in The City, which is the British version of Wall Street, where at least everyone speaks in an attractive accent while they pour gasoline all over the world economy and light it afire with their cuban cigars. Give the song a listen below: It’s also available to download at

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Ask Darren stuff about Alan Moore (From Hell > Watchmen, IMHO) or the state of the world economy (I for one welcome our robot overlords) or Guy Fawkes (he was British, right?).