By Josh Stillman
Updated November 05, 2012 at 11:00 PM EST
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Image Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images[/caption]

If you live, oh, anywhere on earth right now, you’re aware that Hurricane Sandy devastated the eastern seaboard last week. Subways aren’t running in Manhattan, New Jersey beach boardwalks were all but carried out to sea, Mayor Bloomberg canceled the New York City Marathon — yeah, it’s pretty bad. But we lowly denizens of the East Coast aren’t the only ones who suffered – musicians also felt the wrath of the Frankenstorm. Some, like Donnie Wahlberg, Rosanne Cash, and The Antlers, tweeted their woes mid-hurricane. Aimee Mann, on the other hand, sang about it.

The former ‘Til Tuesday singer, who lives in California, was in New York City when Sandy struck and had two of her shows rescheduled as a result. At a performance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday, she tossed in a ditty devoted to the storm. In case you can’t place the tune, it’s a cover of Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” with the lyrics changed to reflect the natural disaster. Be sure to catch the shout-out to the recent bromance between N.J. Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama.

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