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Car chases, CIA screw-ups, and a bloody good rave…. Yep, just another week here at Jukebox! So if you’ve been wondering “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite shows, we’re here to tell you which tunes really resonated. Check out our picks and the full Spotify playlist below. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)


The song: Milo Greene, “Cutty Love”

The episode: “Ryan’s Song” (203)

The hook: Anyone even remotely familiar with Suburgatory‘s schlubby George (Jeremy Sisto) and prissy Dallas (Cheryl Hines) could have guessed that this odd couple’s first round of dates would be a disaster. What you might not have seen coming was a sweet and delicate moment between them at the end of the night. Set to Greene’s “oooh-ooooh”-ing anthem, Dallas dropped her Miss Perfect act from the inside out, starting with some seriously runny eyeliner, and admitted that it was because of — not in spite of — George’s lack of polish that she had developed feelings for him. Plus, that rain ruining Dallas’ hair just happened to make for a super-romantic setting for their first kiss.


The song: Neon Trees, “Moving in the Dark”

The episode: “The Namesakes” (1005)

The hook: The Provo rockers underscored not one but two high-speed getaway scenes this week. On Sunday, their hit “Everybody Talks” was featured on Homeland as Dana (Morgan Saylor) and her boyfriend, the Vice President’s son, fled a Secret Service detail. Two days later, “Moving in the Dark” popped up on CBS’s tentpole procedural as the Vic of the Week was chased by a murderous motorcyclist. Though neither Dana nor the VotW fared well listening to the Trees’ tunes, we certainly had fun.


The song: Doomtree, “Gimme the Go”

The episode: “Great Meatballs of Fire” (607)

The hook: Doomtree’s title also could have been a cry for help from The Situation last night. What felt like about 10 minutes after Sitchc made it official with his long-term booty call Paula, he hit up da club and found a potential path to ex-odus in the form of a lap-dancing guidette. The fact that all of this action went down at the Shore crew’s aptly named favorite hangout Karma… well… we’ll just let that sink in.


The song: The Naked and Famous, “The Sun”

The episode: “Man in the Middle” (313)

The hook: Like an implacable midday sun, the Agency’s attention bared down on Joan (Kari Matchett) in a tense ep this Tuesday, creating tremendous mistrust between her and husband Arthur (Peter Gallagher), as well as with Annie (Piper Perabo). Mind you, all that was before Annie realized she’d pushed for a drone strike based on faulty intel. As we enter the season’s home stretch, star Christopher Gorham teased that writers will “stir up some big emotional issues, set off some literal explosions, and really get the ball rolling.” Considering the writhing urgency of the New Zealand rockers’ track playing under Annie’s discovery, safe to say the ball is already rolling — barreling, really.


The song: Josh Ritter, “Folk Bloodbath”

The episode: “Waiting for the Knock” (405)

The hook: Hands down, Jukebox’s most emotionally conflicted moment of the week. We shouldn’t have been rooting for drug kingpin Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter), but when it came time for the episode’s titular knock (specifically, DEA agents knocking to take Bishop away) — accompanied by Ritter’s lament (“There’s people always leavin’ just as other folks arrive”) — you couldn’t help but be a little broken-hearted for this bad guy.


The song: Robot Koch feat. John LaMonica, “Nitesky”

The episode: “Basic Instinct” (104)

The hook: Imagine Dragons’ “Round and Round” provided a bit of much-needed uplift at the end of last night’s episode, but one can only know joy after experiencing pain. That’s where Berlin-based electronic act Robot Koch enters the picture. After realizing the he was putting everyone around him in peril, Vincent (Jay Ryan) prepared to turn himself in to Muirfield, the nefarious organization that had made him a dangerous beast. The über-angsty vibe of “Nitesky” and its “come right back to you” refrain spelled out the ever-presence of the past from which Vincent has literally been hiding.


The song: Young Magic, “Sparkly”

The episode: “An Innocent Man” (104)

The hook: As the spiral of Oliver “Arrow” Queen’s (Stephen Amell) vengeance drills deeper, this sinking track from producer Isaac Emmanuel’s New York-based band hit just the right note. Arrow and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) may have chosen the city’s rooftops as their meeting place, but the vibe of “Sparkly” is appropriately down-low.


The song: The Gutter Twins, “The Stations”

The episode: “A Crowd of Demons” (105)

The hook: There were plenty of cheeky nods to the devilish Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) during Park Avenue‘s Halloween bash (Rob Zombie’s cover of “I’m Your Boogie Man,” for one), but the ep’s closing moments proved there’s bite underneath that devilish smirk. After a mysterious box of his was stolen, Gavin wasn’t the one in control for once. The Twins’ appropriately guttural, chant-like track about an impending rapture and “demons crawling all around” scored the series’ spookiest sequence so far.


The song: Calvin Harris, “Feel So Close”

The episode: “The Five” (404)

The hook: Stelena fans on Twitter swooned to Olivia Broadfield’s aching piano tinkler “Happening,”* but Thursday’s episode crashed a frat party. And when you need a dizzying dance thumper, Scottish hitmaker Harris is this year’s go-to guy. After Damon (Somerhalder) mentored Elena (Nina Dobrev) on how to have a bloody good time drinking from the smörgåsbord of undulating coeds, the two vamps were drunk on blood and high on life. Sure, they were soaked from their feeding frenzy, but that didn’t stop them from begin damn sexy as they go “So Close.” That dubious honor went to Bonnie (Kat Graham). Wah-waaaaaaaah.


The song: Gary Clark Jr., “Don’t Owe You a Thang”

The episode: “Misconceptions” (905)

The hook: How do you make eggs Benedict badass? Have Flack (Eddie Cahill) make them while wearing a guns-exposing sleeveless shirt under his chef’s apron and listening to Clark’s thumping blues choogler. That’s how.

*Readers’ Choice! Thanks to @carissaraddatz, @GretchAngel, and @Popgoestheworld for their suggestions! (And nice try, @kevinpollak!)

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