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There’s something so laid back about Richard Linklater in person, similar to his movies, many of which ooze a certain improv, off-the-cuff quality, such as 1993’s ever-amazing Texas school ride Dazed & Confused, or his romantic films Before Sunrise, in 1995, and Before Sunset, in 2004, both starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.

It’s no surprise, then, that the director was equally laid back and jokingly coy discussing reuniting with Delpy and Hawke for the sequel Before Midnight, which recently wrapped filming and is now in post-production.

“It was intense. It was like a really intense three week shoot,” said Linklater, while doing a sit-down with EW for his dark comedy Bernie. “I think people who really liked the first two will like this one. They’ll appreciate it.”

In Before Sunrise, Delpy, as Celine, and Hawke, as Jesse, meet in Vienna, and then reunite in Paris in Before Sunset. In Before Midnight, they’re enmeshed with each other in Europe again.

“Julie and Ethan looked at themselves and said, ‘If we’re every going to do it, we better do it now, so it’s the last window we can actually make our porn video,” said Linklater, laughing. “So get ready!”

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