By Hillary Busis
November 03, 2012 at 04:30 AM EDT
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Due to a Sandy-related snafu, this week’s Degrassi react will be a bit shorter than usual. But really, there isn’t a ton to discuss here. As anyone with eyes could tell, Mo does, in fact, have diabetes rather than a ridiculous drug habit; Adam lies about joining the volleyball team, but gets rewarded with the promise of testosterone. (Only on Degrassi.)

And then there’s the ever-complicating quadrangle of Maya, Zig, Tori, and Cam. It’s been a while since Degrassi gave us a juicy, tangled romantic plot, and I’m excited to see how this one unfolds — especially after learning that Maya, not Zig, is the one who’s putting the breaks on their potential relationship. Score one for friends before boyfriends; as much as I’m looking forward to watching further drama, it’s nice to see a female friendship given priority over a possible romance.

How did you like tonight’s episode? Who are you rooting for in the Niner Love Polygon? And is anyone else interested in a spinoff that goes behind the scenes at cutthroat Canadian beauty pageants?

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