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“I don’t have to walk away,” actress Kristen Stewart told a room full of reporters at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills during her final American press conference for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Yep, the phenomenon that you couldn’t get enough of (or get away from, whichever your feeling on Twilight), is coming to screeching halt with the release of the final movie November 16.

Is Stewart glad it’s all finally over? The 22-year-old actress who essentially grew up on the set of Twilight movies, (the first one was filmed in 2008 when she was just 17), is relieved. “I am so happy that the story is told, you have no idea,” she said. “The fact that this thing is out and not weighing on us anymore, super excited about that.”

She felt a bit of the burden, but hey, can you blame her? There’s a lot riding on this whole Twilight thing. If you need to catch up, check out our complete Twilight guide with all the uber romantic, bloody, sweeping details about the past films as well as this one. In BD2 (as director Bill Condon refers to it at the press conference), Bella, Stewart’s character, is now a vampire.

She’s got red eyes, she’s full of life and she hunts for the first time. If you’re a true Twihard, you know that when someone becomes a vampire in the Twilight world, they some times acquire a gift. Bella’s gift is one that truly reflects her personality (no spoilers here – sorry), but we loved every second of seeing her come into her vampiness. Kick booty, girl!

The child she conceived with her cold-blooded vampire husband Edward (Robert Pattinson) is the half-human/half-vampire girl, Renesmee. And, Jake, (don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Taylor Lautner) has “imprinted” himself on the girl, forever destined to be her soul mate. And, that’s just the first 10 minutes, people. This Twilight is packed with plot, action, vampires and a few beheadings, too (finally!).

The Volturi, the world’s governing body of vampires, are after this new family because they think Renesmee was a child who was bitten — against the law in their world — instead of born of a human mother and a vampire father.

No wonder Stewart is feeling the heat.

But like the trooper she is, she’s sticking by Bella until the end. Unable to explain the phenomenon of Twilight (I mean who can really?), she’s been in the spotlight more than anyone else.

She said she remembers the first Comic-Con she attended as Bella. “It was the first time I was ever hit with a wave of human energy,” she said. She quickly realized this wasn’t a normal movie. A lot has happened since then. She turned 18. She turned 21. She fell in love with her co-star, Robert Pattinson.

They moved into together. They toured the world. They made four more movies. She suffered a cheating scandal when she was caught canoodling with the director of another hit movie, Snow White and the Huntsman. The memories are expansive.

“It is sad, it is strange,” she said. Twilight will always hold a special place in her heart. Dressed in a purple and black striped sweater and donning a good smoky eye in the makeup department, Stewart seemed more fidgety than ever sitting alone on stage.

The rest of her co-stars were not featured together, so we couldn’t get a sense of how KStew felt around RPatz – if you’re not following this, let us catch you up in the gossip department, these two love birds are back together after the scandal and apparently were seen out Wednesday night for Halloween (she was dressed as Natalie Portman from Closer and he was wearing a $3 mask from a 7-Eleven, according to MTV).

So, why all the twitching? Tough to tell, but her nerves are on edge. She definitely seems moved by the whole thing. And Pattinson, her knight in shining fangs, was also bewildered by the entire experience as well, he said, when he took the stage.

“It’s absolutely bizarre,” he said about the end of the Twilight era. So, if he could have the whole experience all over again, is there anything he’d do differently? He’d drink more vodka than beer, he said.

Is being heavily sedated really the best way to handle life at the center of the Twilight phenomenon? Maybe it’s the only way.

“I think it was the third movie we went to Munich and the entire Olympic stadium was filled with fans… 30,000 people just screaming for 15 minutes.” He was completely blown away. That would be tough to take, especially if you’re a bit of an intellectual and kind of shy, the vibe Pattinson gives off as he humbly answers questions from a room full of press.

“It’s funny, people were asking me how I would feel when it all ends on the first movie, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more completely bewildered to know I only have a month of Twilight stuff to do,” he said. “I think it’s going to take ten years to really settle in my brain.”

It might take longer than that for some fans to loosen their grip on the vampire story of a lifetime. Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob the wolf, recounts a story of one fan who will be permanently connected with the Twilight experience.

“I sign a lot of people’s arms,” Lautner said. “This one in particular, I remember signing her arm, and the next day, the very next day, a family member shot me an email and it was a link to this girl, she had my signature tattooed to her arm.” What did Lautner have to say about this? “Man, that’s dedication. Sorry you did that,” he said. “These fans are passionate.”

But getting Jake’s autograph tattooed to your arm? Is it going a bit far? We’re thinking there’s really nothing else you can do when you have his excellence of all things chesty touches your arm with a sharpie.

That fan didn’t have a choice. She had to keep the signature. Lautner, however, did have a choice when asked if he wanted to take a memento from the set of the first Twilight. “It’s a regret I have,” he said. His famed long hair wig – the long one he wears when he arrives at Bella’s house in her new red truck and meets for the first time since they were kids had to be left behind.

“Everyone knew how much I hated that thing,” said the 20-year-old actor.

When the crew asked if he wanted to keep it after filming wrapped, he said, “No, get that away from me. I told them that they could burn it,” he said. “Now looking back, I should have kept that thing,” he said.

Stewart on the other hand had a different response.

She kept her favorite prop from the film, the rings, which she received throughout the series. “The rings are really extremely important to me,” she said.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, if you’re committed to loving Twilight, it doesn’t have to go away, not now, not ever. Stewart is definitely married to the idea, and we are, too.


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