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At a press conference to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, author Stephenie Meyer suggested that she might add more books to her Twilight world. Naturally, we’ve compiled 10 story lines we’d love to have Meyer continue. Click below to see our list. (Slight spoilers ahead!)

10. Leah’s story

Leah got shafted in Breaking Dawn. Yes, she’s in Jacob’s pack and away from the heartbreak of Sam and Emily, but she still hates the Cullens, and now she’s bound to them because of Jacob and Renesmee. Give this girl something better to do than sulk.

9. The rest of the wolves

Who is Embry’s father? Why does Emily stay with Sam, even though he attacked her? (She’s not the one who imprinted, after all). How do Jacob’s and Sam’s packs interact once there’s no more threat from the Volturi?

8. The continuing saga of Jacob and Renesmee

Even though it’s gross, more Jacob and Nessie means more Edward and Bella. Besides, at the end of Breaking Dawn, Edward hinted that Jacob might have competition for Nessie’s heart in the other half-vampire/half-human hybrid Nahuel. And who can resist another supernatural love triangle?

7. All About the Humans

Do Mike, Jessica, Ben, Tyler, and Eric survive college?

6. The Volutri versus the Romanians

When the Cullens scout out other vampires to help stand against the Volturi, we meet the Romanian coven — Stefan and Vladimir — who ruled the vampire world until they were overtaken by the Volturi. We’d love to see what went down in that coup.

5. Garrett and Kate

Garrett planned to follow Kate and the Denali Coven and become a “vegetarian” vampire, too. So what’s next in their love story?

4. Charlie and Sue

How is the vampire’s father faring in his relationship with the werewolves’ mother?

3. Carlisle’s time with The Volturi

Before creating Edward and the rest of his family, Carlisle spent time with The Volturi. What was it like for him? And what happened when he ultimately left?

2. More Edward and Bella

This is just a bit of a gimme, right?

1. Midnight Sun

Please, please finish this, Stephenie. Please.


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