Awkwardness or no awkwardness, the Twilight trio have a movie to promote, and last night Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner made their first joint appearance since The Event last summer on MTV First.

I’m no body language expert, but I’ve studied my fair share of tabloids, and I would say that the interview was just as goofy and awkward as appearances by the trio normally are. Pattinson and Stewart joked around with each other — and, because I know you’re wondering, both joked around with Lautner too. Poor Lautner. Stuck in the middle of it all.

The chat was strictly about Twilight, with the only real mention of their lives outside the phenomenon being when Pattinson and Stewart were asked about their Halloween costumes. Stewart went as Natalie Portman’s character from the film Closer, saying that she “loved that movie.” (I can’t imagine why…) Pattinson, next to her in photos that were shown, wore “a three-dollar mask from 7/11.”

Beyond that, it was full steam ahead on promoting Breaking Dawn. They talked about looking forward to Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and also reminisced on first auditions, catching up with special guest Stephenie Meyer and whether or not they’ve got another MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in the bag. (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

Other tidbits that were revealed in the 30-minute interview (which you can watch in full on Read on.

  1. Twilight Terminology. In one of the funniest clips from the interview, the trio are quizzed on their knowledge of Twilight fan terminology. You’ll never be happier to learn you have no idea what HBG stands for. Check out the answer – along with Pattinson admitting he regularly hits up – below:

  1. Stewart is most like her character. Sorry, fans of Jacob — and Jacob’s abs. According to Lautner, vampire Bella and Stewart are the character/actor combo that are most similar. “I think [Stewart] has recently had a nice evolution herself,” Lautner said. “[Like] vampire Bella.”
  2. About that tent scene in Twilight: Eclipse... It didn’t “work” for Stewart. She could never really get into it, she explained. She also “almost puked in the tent.” The chat then dissolved into Pattinson explaining his main memory of that scene was “grabbing [Lautner’s] chest.” Repeatedly. Fanfiction writers are going to have a field day.
  3. Still having creepy birth sequence nightmares from Breaking Dawn — Part 1? It’s Pattinson’s and Stewart’s favorite scene from all the movies. “That was possibly the most fun I’ve had in the whole series,” Pattinson shared. “Absolutely hilarious.”
  4. Sex sells! As readers of the book know, there are a couple steamy scenes after Bella is turned into a vampire. EW even got a preview of that earlier this week. Asked about how those scenes were going to look onscreen, Pattinson — after Stewart demurred and had him answer – declared: “It’s quite like the scene where she’s doing the pottery in Ghost.”

Fourteen days until you can form your own opinion.

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