Even Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner would agree they've gotten enough attention already. Meet an indispensable support team.

By Sara Vilkomerson
Updated November 02, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Twilight talk tends to be all about the Big Three — Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, those charismatic young stars who’ve taken up so much space in your hearts (and on our magazine covers) over the past four years. But wait! There are others who are every bit as essential to the franchise’s success. So, as The Twilight Saga draws to a close with Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (rated PG-13), we’d like to take the opportunity to give them a shout-out. Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer (who declined to comment on the current goings-on in the Robsten universe) explains how much the blockbuster franchise owes to its remarkable support system.

Elizabeth Reaser
Actress (Esme Cullen)
While the matriarch of the Cullen clan doesn’t get as much screen time as the rest of her pale-skinned brethren, Reaser, 37, makes her moments matter. ”Liz takes that [limited] time and those couple of lines and really gives you Esme,” says Meyer. ”There are moments when she’s not even speaking but she’s still somehow bringing that sweetness, that maternal quality, which is Esme.”

Billy Burke
Actor (Charlie Swan, Bella’s father)
Some of the most poignant scenes in the Twilight franchise have nothing to do with the vampire/wolf love triangle but take place between Bella and her father. ”He’s so amazing,” says Meyer of Burke, 45. ”I think people just love him. I know I do. Every time he’s on the screen you’re mesmerized. Is he an unsung hero? Or should we just have had a half hour more of him in every film?”

Bill Bannerman
Who has the toughest Twi-gig of all? Meyer says to look no further than co-producer Bannerman, 47. ”He has a job I can’t even imagine having the capacity to do,” she says. ”He has to figure out every aspect of physical production: the budget, scheduling the actors, keeping production running on time. It’s amazingly complicated. Without someone like Bill, it doesn’t matter how much creativity you have assembled.”

Wyck Godfrey
Godfrey, 44, is the man to see when any sort of thorny issue, no matter how big or small, arises on set, says Meyer. ”He keeps things moving smoothly and he keeps people happy. I think that’s why everyone on set loves him. He’s the one that always makes their problems go away.” So how does he do it? ”I think it’s some sort of black magic,” she says.

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