Botanists name new ferns after Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and boyfriend Conor Kennedy reportedly split, and more

By Dan Snierson
Updated November 02, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Duke University botanists name new ferns after Lady Gaga

They took her at her word when she said: ”You name it, I’ll wear it!”

2. SpikeTV offers $10 million for proof of Bigfoot’s existence with new reality series 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

And the network is offering an additional $10 million to anyone who can stop Donald Trump from making another $5 million offer.

3. Friends creators reveal that they considered not having Ross and Rachel end up together in the series finale

The last scene ended with a heartbroken Ross finding out that not only did Rachel’s plane crash, they were already all dead.

4. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly split

Asked how bad the breakup was, Taylor said: ”Probably two songs, but depending on his Facebook activity in the next few weeks, could be an EP.”

5. Tom Cruise slaps tabloid with $50 million lawsuit for claiming he abandoned Suri

Every tabloid story has a seed of truth, and in this case, it’s probably that Cruise stopped using Siri on his iPhone.

6. Bravo developing drama about Coke/Pepsi rivalry in the ’80s

No word yet on how this impacts TLC’s planned series about the storied RC Cola vs. My-mom-buys-this-cola-syrup-at-Kmart-that-you-mix-with-seltzer-and-it-kind-of-tastes-like-sour-Diet-Coke rivalry.

7. Meat Loaf endorses Mitt Romney, mangles “America the Beautiful” at rally for candidate

When Meat Loaf asked Romney several times if he wanted him to appear on stage on election night, Romney kept saying diplomatically, ”Let me sleep on it.”

8. Lindsay Lohan’s publicist quits

The one person in Hollywood who truly knows the definition of exhaustion.