Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels may not have made the cut, but Oprah has just released her annual list of “Favorite Things” on her website, and, as expected, it’s a plethora of stuff that you simultaneously didn’t know existed and now desperately want.

Word to the wise: stock up now on the 48 products featured – if history is any indication, they’re about to be out of stock. The items are from the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, but will presumably be the same as the gifts featured in the two-hour primetime special, Oprah’s Favorite Things, airing Nov. 18 on OWN.

Oprah’s site has a slideshow of all the goodies that you can page through, but some of my personal favorites include the corkcicle, — anything booze-based and technology-savvy is apparently my sweet spot! — <a href="″ target=”_blank”>Noel by Josh Groban, making a return appearance on the list, (Oprah said: “It’s just not the holidays until Josh Groban sings “Ave Maria.” Because I’ve yet to find anything better, this CD makes my Favorite Things list yet again!”) and – get ready to salivate, fellow entertainment junkies – a Bose VideoWave II, which Oprah explains is a “46-inch high-definition television, home theater, and music system in one revolutionary product. The speakers are built-in, so no need for extra sound components; the picture is crystal clear; and the remote is operated with an easy touch control.”

Besides that mammoth, there did seem to be a lack of big, buzzy items on the list this year – but perhaps they’ll be a “Refrigerator with a TV”-esque gift during the television special. Beyond that, there was also some diamonds (Yawn!), cheese and – low point – a pedestal fan that she says she saw at the Kardashians.

PopWatchers: What item from this year’s list would make you have this reaction? I’m calling the blue velvet cake right now.

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