If you had told me five years ago that Miley Cyrus would one day be featured on an Israeli DJ’s dubstep track, I would have scoffed and replied, “Hannah Montana? Are you serious? Also, what’s dubstep?”

But lo and behold, “just being Miley” apparently now means co-heading Borgore‘s latest — a club tune called “Decisions” that features these lyrics: “Decisions / But I want it all / So I get it all / I wanna eat the whole cake / I’m not sharin’ / I’m not sharin’ / You should have learned how to bake.” If you’ve ever yearned to see short-haired Miley get covered in very literal cake at one of Stefon‘s favorite night spots, then by all means, press play:

Also? The guy in the unicorn costume may or may not be Liam Hemsworth. Curiouser and curiouser!

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