By Tara Fowler
Updated November 01, 2012 at 06:09 PM EDT

You don’t know the name Kay D’Arcy. But you will. Like most aspiring actors, she moved to Hollywood over a decade ago and struggled for years to make it big. Over the protests of her family, D’Arcy kept at it and finally got her break with a Kickstarter project known as Agent 88. Now she’s on the brink of stardom. The catch? She’s 79 years old.

D’Arcy is the subject of a new profile in the Los Angeles Times chronicling her meteoric rise to fame as the octogenarian Jackie Chan. In the upcoming web series Agent 88, she plays an assassin who keeps her weapons in her hair and can deliver a mean roundhouse kick (seriously). It’s superb timing, really — as we reported back in September, there’s a female Expendables project in the works, and who better to lead it than D’Arcy? Here are the top three reasons she’s perfect for The Expendabelles:

1. She’s a martial arts expert: D’Arcy’s trained in tai chi and she studied Filipino stick fighting and hand-to-hand combat in preparation for her role in Agent 88. Her moves impressed the Agent 88 producers so much that she won the part without reading a single line of dialogue.

2. She can go from granny to assassin in three seconds flat: “Kay couldn’t think of harming a fly,” said Agent 88 creator Digger T. Mesch. However, it was a different story once she was on set. “She looked like a killer,” he revealed.

3. She’s been compared to Clint Eastwood: “I think when Dirty Harry himself is in his 80s, it’s good to have a grandma out there for Dirty Harry to play with,” DC Comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti said when pledging his support to the Kickstarter project. Sounds kinky.

Will you be watching Agent 88?

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