Katy Perry Obama Dress
Credit: John Gurzinski/Getty Images

Hopefully Katy Perry won’t have another crazy Friday night — she’ll be performing at her third Obama rally on Saturday. President Obama will join her at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin event.

After an Oct. 7 rally in Los Angeles, the singer tweeted, “I sang for President @BarackObama last night because I believe in Equal Rights #ForAll #Vote .” Her “Ballot Dress” during a recent Las Vegas rally/performance — pictured above — made headlines, alongside her encouragement of early voting.

Perry is far from the only celebrity stumping for a presidential candidate in the final days of the campaign. Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z will also be making last-minute swing-state “get out the vote” appearances alongside President Obama. And of course we can’t forget about Meat Loaf and Lindsay Lohan publicly backing Mitt Romney — although, alas, no Lohan events have been announced.

“The people have the power,” Perry declared, before launching into “Firework” at last week’s Las Vegas rally. Check it out below:

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