It’s been three days since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, and millions are still feeling its devastating effects. Manhattan below 39th Street is still without power; portions of New Jersey are still submerged; at least 62 people lost their lives in the storm. But at least the Eastern seaboard is taking small steps toward normalcy again. Case in point: Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returned to the air last night, broadcasting shows that took a sobering look at the damage Sandy caused… then found tasteful ways to joke about it.

New York City-born Jon Stewart kicked off the night by posing a poignant question: “Did you ever have one of those days where everything you loved as a child was under water?” His summarizing of the storm’s effects led to a bit that juxtaposed the post-apocalyptic wasteland of lower Manhattan with the still-operational Candyland that is Times Square — a place where people were also suffering, according to correspondent John Oliver: “My Book of Mormon seats tonight — obstructed view!” See the clip for yourself:

Stephen Colbert took things a little more seriously, at least during his opening segment. The faux-conservative pundit made sure to celebrate the efforts of hurricane heroes like the nurses at NYU Langone Medical Center, who rescued hundreds of patients when the hospital’s generator failed. He also urged his viewers to donate to the Red Cross‘s hurricane relief efforts. Of course, Colbert also couldn’t resist taking a gentle swipe at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who’s a little too fond of wearing clothes customized with his own moniker: “I just wish I knew his name or his title,” Colbert sighed. Watch here:

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