Chances are you haven’t thought much about Ashlee Simpson since, oh, around 2004, when her embarrassed “yes, I lipsynched” SNL jig introduced a generation to the concept of schadenfreude.

But the artist best known as “Jessica’s Sister” didn’t drop off the face of the earth after her live TV debacle. Over the past eight years, she’s released two more albums, married and divorced Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, spawned a human child named Bronx Mowgli, and starred in The CW’s ill-fated Melrose Place reboot. And now, four years after her last studio release, Simpson is trying to relaunch her music career. Does this mean it’s finally okay to admit that “Pieces of Me” is really, really catchy?

Late yesterday, Simpson uploaded a 50-second teaser of an upcoming music video to her website. The clip appears above a countdown clock, which reveals that Simpson’s new single — called “Bat for a Heart” — will officially drop Nov. 21. Finally, something to look forward to in these troubled times! Press on only if you’re wearing headphones; as Simpson herself tweeted, “In this tease I do drop the F bomb so you’ve been warned!”

What do you think of Ashlee’s artsy, black-and-white aesthetic — as well as those edgy lyrics? (Guess she’s graduated from the vaguery of “you make me wanna la la.”) And in a year stuffed with comeback attempts from nostalgia-approved acts — Rick Springfield, 98 Degrees, Matchbox Twenty, and numerous others — do you think Simpson’s will stick?

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