Britain’s Commercial Broadcasters Association (CoBA) has asked the UK government for permission to run shows with adult themes and language all day on cable and satellite networks, according to the Hollywood Reporter. To assuage parents’ concerns, they stipulate that they will implement safeguards to restrict access by children.

The UK currently allows such programs to run only after 9 p.m. CoBA, which represents networks like FOX International and NBC Universal, wants to replace that restriction with an existing pin code system, which is already used by online TV services. The system would require viewers to verify their age via remote before viewing any adult-themed shows during the day. CoBA believes the new rules “will provide more choice for audiences, while offering secure and established protection processes,” the organization said.

CoBA executive director Adam Minns feels that the pin code operation offers dual benefits: “It provides consumer protection that is arguably more effective than the watershed regime. Extending such a regime to other services could potentially encourage innovative new forms of content delivery.”

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