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Devil's Bargain

Who was Benny before he became a vampire? Where did he come from? How was he turned? How did he end up in Purgatory?

All those questions that fans have had about the mysterious vampire who used Dean’s forearm as his ride out of Purgatory will be explored in tonight’s episode of Supernatural, which finds Dean (Jensen Ackles) running to the aid of his new non-human pal. “It’s got some surprises and a lot of heartfelt moments in it,” says Ty Olsson, the newest member of the show who made his first appearance earlier this season.

Specifically, we get a glimpse of Benny’s struggle to fight his vampire instincts to feed on humans. “There’s a lot of humanity in it. What [the episode] does really well is that it sets up Benny’s struggle,” he says. “We go into how he came to the decision not to drink blood any more and why. It’s a really compelling story about why.”

But the result of his decision to not chomp on the living has come with a deeper price, says Olsson. “[He’s] a monster with a soul, and I think Benny’s still in Purgatory in a lot of ways,” he says. “He’s not a human, — doesn’t belong in the human world — and he’s not a vampire, a blood-thirsty mindless monster either. That’s a conflict — to be lost between worlds.”

Little of that is what initially brought Benny together with Dean in Purgatory, however. There, he says, it was about “the basic need for survival.” Their friendship outside, however, is based on more, says Olsson. “I think [life-threatening situations] more than anything brought these people together, and it expands from there into a different level,” he says.

Olsson is set to appear in “a handful of episodes” following tonight’s, but, as often with this show, which is known for having a rotating roster of fan-loved recurring characters, that could always change. “If there’s anything wrong with 8.05, it’s my fault,” he jokes, “because everybody else is so good.”


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Devil's Bargain

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