If you thought Nashville‘s Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) would only have one girlfight to wage this season, think again. Tonight, Kimberly Williams-Paisley joins the Music City sudser as Peggy Samper, an ex-girlfriend of Rayna’s husband, Teddy (Eric Close). A real-life Nashville resident and wife of country superstar Brad Paisley, Williams-Paisley talked to EW about how Peggy’s big entrance will ruffle Rayna’s feathers. Watch it in an exclusive clip below, then find out what kind of “trouble” she’s going to get into.

Safe to say there’s plenty going on underneath the surface between Rayna and Peggy. That kind of nuanced interaction admittedly “threw” Williams-Paisley when she moved to Music City several years back. She says, “I grew up in New York where everybody sort of tells it like it is…. [In a place like Nashville, there’s a lot of] ‘Bless your heart’ and Southern charm… sort of glossing over the truth sometimes. I have an appreciation for the charm and the kindness here, but I’ve also learned that people don’t always say what they’re thinking.”

Certainly there will be a lot to stew over as the show goes deeper into Peggy’s backstory. “There’s definitely a lot of history with Teddy,” she teases. “You’re going to find out that Peggy and Teddy made some decisions that they shouldn’t have made and did some things that they shouldn’t have done, and it’s going to get them into some trouble.”

It’s clear their relationship isn’t all in the past, though. “Peggy still kind of holds onto Teddy in her heart,” says Williams-Paisley. With Rayna barely fighting off her simmering sexual tension with ex Deacon (Charles Esten), could Teddy turn his lingering in the clip into smile into something more? Williams-Paisley confirms that she’s filmed five episodes, so we can bet Peggy won’t go away quietly. How and what will keep her around, that remains to be seen.

But one thing’s for certain — Peggy will not be belting out her heartache over a steel guitar soundtrack. Laughs Williams-Paisley, “I’ll leave that to the pros!”

Williams-Paisley begins her stint on Nashville tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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