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While some New York-area television shows resumed filming today after Hurricane Sandy battered the east coast Monday, it could be a harder road to recovery for ABC’s 666 Park Avenue.

The show’s set, which is located at Cine Magic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn, overlooking the New York City skyline, suffered severe damages after water flooded the building Monday night.

“I went to check them out on the night of the storm at 10 p.m. and they were under 6 feet of water — the entire complex,” says Peter Kapsalis, owner of Cine Magic Riverfront Studios. “It wasn’t in very good shape.”

The water, which has since receded, did varied damage to sets, he adds, but some could possibly be salvaged. “The Daylight Studio, which carried some of the smaller sets and was a little closer to the water [was] completely demolished,” Kapsalis says. “The main sets stayed in place even with the water rushing in [but] everything is extensively damaged.”

EW is told that productions for all shows made by Warner Bros., which also produces the horror drama, are up and running. However, WB could not immediately comment on new filming schedules or any reports of damages. Kapsalis, meanwhile, claimed that it could be around three weeks until shooting resumed in the studio, but options — like on-location shooting within New York City or relocation of sets to Cine Magic’s SoHo location — are currently being explored.

Above all, Kapsalis lauded the tenacity of the production team and executives at Warner Bros., saying their efforts would hopefully put the estimated 200 people who work at Cine Magic Riverfront back to work soon. “Warner Bros. has been a godsend — I don’t know how to say it. They’ve been very helpful and trying to put the show first, which as a result, is helping us a lot,” he says. “[The entertainment business is] one of the strengths of New York’s economy and for it to take a hit, it will affect New York greatly.”

Meanwhile, over at Steiner Studios, home to CW’s upcoming teen drama The Carrie Diaries, Douglas C. Steiner tells EW in a statement: “We made it through the hurricane unscathed. We have all power, were not flooded and will be re-opened for our productions tomorrow.”

Silvercup Studios in Long Island City also escaped with no damage, according to Stuart Suna, who co-owns the studio with brother Alan.

30 Rock, Elementary, Person of Interest, and Zero Hour all had cast and/or crew on set today, Suna said, as did Gossip Girl, which has wrapped filming and is in the process of wrapping production.

“I always thought that the industry — and the New York attitude — [was] very resilient,” says Suna, who says he feels “very fortunate” to have been unaffected. “We come back whether it’s a hurricane, blizzards, or, sadly, 9/11. Gov. Cuomo said it best that New Yorkers are a tough breed and that they come together in times of crisis and rebuild New York bigger and stronger.”


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