When Halloween falls in the middle of the week — and is celebrated the previous weekend — the holiday seems to last for days and days. That’s fine by us, since it gives that many more opportunities to marvel at celebrity costumes.

The meta trend seems especially big this year, with stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Roberts, Glee‘s Chord Overstreet, and, er, that guy who was married to Avril Lavigne all dressing up as other famous people. Now Miley Cyrus has followed in those famous footsteps, showing off her take on Peg Bundy Nicki Minaj via her Twitter page. Check out Miley’s getup — as well as several other decked-out boldfaced names — after the jump.

In return, Nicki has said that she’s going to dress up as Miley. It’d be even better if she went as Mileyas Justin Bieber.

Patton Oswalt as Doctor Octopus: best dad ever?

Alberta native Nathan Fillion shows his national colors with a cheeky Captain Canada costume.

Jon Favreau and Kevin Nealon seem to be celebrating Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. And speaking of Star Wars:

Click on the link; you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Colfer makes a surprisingly fashionable guillotine.

Can we call this One Direction’s take on “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”?

Of course, not everyone had the time or energy to put together a killer costume. Take Mia Farrow, for instance. And then there’s LL Cool J, who may have sent the best Halloween tweet of all:

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