By Nakisha Williams
October 30, 2012 at 10:32 PM EDT

With just a few more days until the presidential election, Beyonce has made another show of support for President Barack Obama… and sparked a new political jewelry trend.

After helping to raise approximately $4 million for the president’s re-election — by co-hosting a fundraiser with husband Jay-Z — and doing her part to get the next generation on board by designing an election onesie, the singer recently got her political message out thanks to a pair of door knocker “Obama” earrings.

Now the Erika Peña-designed danglers are flying off the shelves, and the designer says she has Beyonce to thank for the stimulus effect.

“I had only sold 5 pairs, then Beyonce wore them and sales [spiked] overnight,” says Peña, who has sold 1,300 pairs since the star was spotted wearing hers on Oct. 21. “We’re almost sold out!”

How did Beyonce get her hands on the ‘Obama’ bling?

Peña sent the earrings to Beyonce’s personal stylist, Ty Hunter, whom she’d gotten to know after providing jewelry for the singer’s appearances around the release of her 2006 album, B Day. “[Beyonce] loved them, so I sent them to Solange and her mom Tina,” Peña said. Kimora Lee Simmons has also scooped up a pair, posting a picture of herself wearing them on Twitter.

As for non-celebrities, the limited-edition earrings seem to have bipartisan support. “We’ve made a lot of sales in New York, California, New Jersey and Florida, which is funny because Florida often [votes] Republican,” Peña said.

The unexpected endorsements created a buzz that has Peña’s 15-person, Puetro Rico-based staff  “working around the clock” to keep up with orders and press inquiries. But a hectic schedule hasn’t stopped the designer from thinking about how to capitalize on increased interest in her wares.

Peña will soon offer a set of gold disc earrings (pictured above), and, while she’ll likely give Beyonce the hook up, this time the designer plans on gifting the first pair to First Lady Michelle Obama. “They’re a little bit smaller, for the woman who doesn’t like to wear large hoops. They’re more conservative, but they’re really cute,” Peña said. “They say ‘Obama’ but you can turn them around and just wear them plain [side out].”

Post-election, the jewelry designer also plans on releasing an update to the original ‘Obama’ design. “You can take the ‘bama’ part out of the earrings and put other words or other stones in it if you want,” she explains. “If and when Mr. Obama wins, I’ll do ‘Obama Rocks,’ ‘Obama 2013,’ and ‘Obama Won.’ Obama’s all about change and so are my earrings.”

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