The all-star edition of Dancing with the Stars has certainly produced more than its fair share of surprises, starting with the decision to invite Bristol Palin back to compete and outlast better performers like Helio Castroneves, Drew Lachey and Joey Fatone. Unfortunately, the shockers kept coming on Tuesday when another high-scoring hoofer was sent packing. For the all-star’s parting words, head to the jump.

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Despite earning a perfect 30 — and let us repeat, a PERFECT 30 — for a tribute rumba on Monday, Sabrina Bryan and partner Louis van Amstel became the latest pair to leave the ballroom. Remarkably, the Cheetah Girl displayed a sanguine disposition after the show.

“It’s an all-star season. You can’t be shocked to go home,” she told reporters. “There are incredible people who are on this and everyone continues to get better and better every week. It is obviously not fun to go home but at the same time it’s been incredible.”

And it also feels all-too familiar: When Bryan appeared on the fifth season of DWTS, she and her partner Mark Ballas were eliminated in the sixth week — just like now. “I knew as soon as we walked down the stairs [that she was going],” Bryan said. “It all felt too surreal. It felt like a flashback. I knew it.”

Asked whether she was glad to leave on such a high note after performing a perfect number, Bryan exclaimed, “no!” Then she laughed. “Feeling accomplished is what we feel and it was something. Louis has brought so much more out of me than I could ever ask for anyone, with any kind of partnership so I feel amazing. It obviously sucks to go home. No one is going to say that it doesn’t but at the same time, to feel accomplished, like we do, is incredible.”

She has her partner to thank. “He pushed me. He wanted to know about me. He wanted to know what mattered to me and he just had so much drive and from the beginning, when he found out we were dancing, it was like pride already, before we even stepped in the studio and to have someone so excited to dance with you and to teach you is like unbelievable. Before we even moved together ever it was like he was excited for what we were about to do—every step of the way, I think, both of us grew so much and I’m so incredibly grateful for this guy.”

Van Amstel said he wouldn’t have done anything differently, especially before last night’s dance. “I think she put it all on the line, everything. I mean, I cried yesterday because of exactly what you asked. She did more than I even expected. She took it to another place. I was hoping but it became reality last night and that, no one takes away. It’s special. It’s almost indescribable. That’s why this is a tough moment.”

Added Bryan, “the storyline of last night was such a huge example of things I was going through at that time last season and this season, I’m in such a happy place. I’m going home and my life, my family and friends are good. My friend from the east coast called me; she’s the first person I talked to after the elimination. She’ s home, she’s safe. Everything in my life feels so good right now. Obviously this is a stinger but you move on from things like this. Dancing with the Stars is awesome and yes, would I want that damn sparkly mirror ball? Of course I do! Why did I sign up? I want it but everyone asked me what I would do different if I had the chance to be on the show and I said I would take a moment, every day, every minute, and take in what I have and I realized how blessed I am this time for everything I did have this season and what I do have now.”

Next on her agenda: Keeping her fingers crossed for Shawn Johnson to win the mirror ball, taking a cruise with her boyfriend to the Caribbean and keeping a date with another ex-all-star. “I’ve got Joey Fatone calling me, going, where are we getting a drink tonight? So I’ve gotta hit him up real quick!” — With reporting from Carole Glines

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