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Updated October 30, 2012 at 02:30 PM EDT
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Tonight on Covert Affairs (USA, 10 p.m. ET), Annie receives intel from Mossad on a planned meeting between two suspected terrorists. Christopher Gorham, who directed the episode, offers EW a few teases:

• It sets the rest of season 3 in motion: “This episode opens in a way that is a bit unconventional for our show, and I really kind of stylized it a bit. It has a foreboding opening where Annie wakes up in Eyal’s apartment and a mysterious folder slides under her door, which is some intel that Eyal has sent for her. That intel then kicks off the entire episode for Annie, Arthur, and Joan,” Gorham says. “Annie stands by the integrity of that intel because of her relationship with Eyal and really puts her whole career on the line defending it. It goes so far as Arthur ordering a drone strike based on that intel, and then the repercussions of that are very real and are felt throughout the rest of the season.”

Ken Woroner/USA Network[/caption]• It’s a big episode for Joan: “My favorite thing about the episode when I read it the first time was that there’s such great emotional arcs,” Gorham says. Things with Annie and Joan really come to a head in this episode spurred by separate things. For Annie, it’s spurred by what’s going on with her and what’s happening with this intel, specifically with her defending Eyal; with Joan, it’s everything that’s been going on with her substance abuse problem, this relationship she’s been in with Seth. And also, Joan and Arthur go through a really emotional and frankly long overdue arc in this episode that I was really excited about. I have such great respect for all of the actors on our show and felt really lucky, in particular, to get such meaty Jane and Arthur stuff to do.”

• As Gorham’s Twitter followers requested, Auggie is shirtless in the episode — if you count putting on his shirt as shirtless. “It doesn’t count?” Gorham asks, laughing. “Listen, that moment was not in the script. That’s purely there as a payoff to my social media followers and was as far as I could go without losing all credibility as a director.” (True.)

Ken Woroner/USA Network[/caption]• Auggie’s ex-fiancée Parker returns. “It does two things,” Gorham says. “One, it gives Auggie a chance to say goodbye to this relationship in a way that he wants to. It gives a nice closure for him. And also, it does the mechanical thing of introducing this Operation Proper Exit, which we’re gonna explore further when Auggie goes back to Iraq in episode 15 [airing Nov. 13]. So it’s closing the door on one relationship and setting up the exploration of some things that are still haunting him.”

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